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In the ever competitive world of affiliate marketing, the faster you get your ROI, the sooner you reach your desired income goal. Hence, expired domain strategy emerged.

Throughout the years, SerpNames has tested multiple techniques to help affiliate sites rank higher, faster, and safer. We mastered the craft of qualifying and choosing only the best fitting expired domain in the market.

With our incomparable inventory, SerpNames is now the leading provider of the highest quality expired domain in the affiliate space.

Meet the Team

We are a team of young, determined, self-driven and friendly Asians. We are like-minded people united to bring extraordinary success in the SEO life of affiliate marketers, just like you.
Sumit Kumar Bansal | Founder / CEO
Sumit is a teen entrepreneur who has a healthy obsession with all things business related. He loves listening to good music and reading great books on business and marketing in general. Cooking is his thing he says (a great cook or not, who knows?) and an avid foodie. 
Rahul Kumar
Server Administrator & Head Developer

Graduate of Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Rahul is a Linux and WordPress enthusiast. Also, a philanthropist, a technophile, a custom PC lover, and an average gamer. When not spending time with his family and his Persian cat, Baby, he can be found listening to music or soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.
Tony Agtina
Head of Design

Apart from designing pages, Tony loves arts and music. He collects stuff he thinks can be used for future art projects. In his spare time, you can see him playing basketball or making creative projects like house decorations out of his indigenous collections.
Patrick Neil Blanza
Acquisition Manager

Patrick is obsessively passionate about financial management. Also, an aspiring affiliate marketer with profound interest in gaming PCs. You’ll usually find him playing drums and guitar or listening to music when away from the screen relaxing.
Leslie Binuya
Copywriter & Client Liaison Manager

Leslie loves to write. She’s most curious about human psychology but won’t deny as a new dog parent, she’s now getting fixated towards her doggy’s behavior. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading books or playing with Duday, her furbaby.
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