An Inch of Time is
an Inch of Gold!

How do you measure affiliate success? Our clients say it’s when you get the nicest ROI within the shortest time frame!
See how our growing list of happy and satisfied clients achieved affiliate success so far.
“[Sumit] is a trusted partner, a driven leader, and someone I’m constantly motivated by to build better sites on amazing domains that I know are pretty powerful. You can trust Sumit mainly because all he does is produce results and that’s all that matters in this industry.”

Colby Wren,
Sales Director at Delphix and
Sumit's Business Mentor
“SerpNames have helped me secure some of the best domains I've ever gotten my hands on when it comes to raw linking power. Sumit and his team are experts at not only finding these domains but also thoroughly vetting them to make sure you're only getting the highest of quality.

Charles Floate |
“SerpNames is my go-to place for high quality expired domains that provide excellent results.

Tung Tran |
SerpNames is one of the best Expired domain sellers I've ever came across.

Purchased 2 sites and got awesome results within the shortest period of time. He has an asset of domains with high quality backlinks from trusted sites to help you skyrocket your rankings.

Additionally, Sumit also takes care and provide you suggestion to help you in getting the most of your efforts. Interested in buying more sites... Highly Recommended!

Baber Siddiqui | Affiliate Marketer
“Bought an expired domain from SerpNames a few months back. Had our first Amazon sale in a really short time frame and now seeing consistent growth in commission and traffic. (one of the keywords I'm ranking #2 for gets over 2,500 monthly searches) would 100% recommend to anyone looking for expired domains.

Chet James |
“I bought an expired domain from SerpNames amidst quite a lot of doubt. This was not only my first time buying an expired domain, but priced close to $800, it was quite a big investment.

Thankfully, Sumit was quick to respond to my queries and answered all questions. I bought the domain immediately after our conversation and today, I cannot be happier!

Almost all my low-med competition keywords are ranking on 1, 2, and 3rd pages without any backlinks at all. The authority of the domain is unbelievable and the results surpassed all my expectations.

I would definitely buy and recommend others to check out SerpNames. You be glad that you did!

Big ups to Sumit for managing such an amazing service.

Sudarshan Kar |
“When it comes to domains I can only think of one person and that is Sumit from SerpNames. The quality of the domains by his company is great. I have worked with him on 2 projects and both have given me very good ROI. I look forward to work with him again in the future.”

Ronak Sawhney | Affiliate Marketer
“I’ve bought a couple of domains from Sumit and they were simply great. The backlink profiles were really really good. Planning to buy many more from him in future. Really recommended to everyone who are looking to build their portfolio of sites.

Suyesh Bhattarai | Affiliate Marketer
“Just picked up a gem of domain from SerpNames. For anyone looking for a great auctioned non-dropped domain that has over 200+ quality RDs, you should definitely check them out.

Hugh Thomas |
“I was told to get in touch with Sumit Kumar Bansal from SerpNames for non-dropped expired domains - if anyone else is looking for a quality vendor he’s been great to deal with.

Daniel Thompson | Internet marketer
“All domains I bought from SerpNames were working well and had a clean backlink profile. Most were used for 301 redirects which resulted in movement in SERPs. Their inventory is very well suitable to find powerful PBN or even money site domains as well.

Constantin Osterling |
“Always get my domains from Sumit. They are clean and the WORK! And he's a nice guy too!”

Ben Doyle |
“Got a couple of domains from Sumit and its definitely good stuff.

Sathish S |
“Shoutout to guys from SerpNames. I found a super relevant and strong domain for 301 redirect I wanted for my new website. Domain was clean as a whistle and has lots of strong links. Price was more than acceptable!

Admir Tulic | Internet Marketer
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