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Hi, I’m Sumit, founder of SerpNames.com. I began learning about expired domains in 2015. They caught my attention because of their existing authority backlinks. Since there was little competition at that time, I started flipping them for $10-30 a pop. Bloggers bought them to build private blog networks and rank their niche sites.

As expired domains gained popularity… I realized that building a niche website on them could lead to faster rankings than new domains.

So, I started SerpNames.com to help people build niche sites on expired domains.

If you're interested in starting your website, I'll help you with that.

Let me first share the three core benefits of expired domains. Here you go…

3 Benefits Expired Domains Offer You


You save time and money (thousands of dollars) on backlinks, i.e., link building.


You skip Google's sandbox period and avoid 6-8 months of waiting time.


Your website gets faster rankings, traffic, and starts making money within 12 months.

What Do I Offer You?

Starting a niche site on an expired domain involves a lot of things like…

Choosing the right domain for your niche. Avoiding spammed and penalized expired domains.
Recovering your expired domain's link juice for faster ranking than new domains. And more.

Luckily, you don't have to be an expert to use the full potential of your expired domain.

I'm here to save you time and headaches with a complete done-for-you solution.

Curious to learn more?

Here’s What I Offer

12 Months Hosting

12 months of super-fast hosting on Cloudways. (worth $132)

Website Setup

Complete domain setup, including all the important pages, themes, and plugins. (worth $100)

Link Juice Recovery

Recover your expired domain's link juice for faster rankings. (worth $250) 

Topical Content Map

A full content plan to help you build topical authority and rank faster. (worth $400).

Logo & Branding

A professional logo (unlimited revisions) and a branding idea.
(worth $150)

GeneratePress Pro

A lifetime license to one of the best themes, i.e., GeneratePress Pro.
(worth $249)

Link Whisper

A one-year license to the LinkWhisper plugin for easier internal linking.
(worth $77)

Rank Math Pro

A one-year license to the RankMath Pro plugin for all SEO needs.
(worth $59)

WP Rocket

A one-year license to the WP Rocket plugin, and your website will load super fast (worth $59)

Lifetime Support

Get help for your website's technical issues, speed optimization, and more. You'll get a lifetime of service (priceless).

Total Worth

How Much Does It Cost?

It's FREE.

That's right.

When you purchase a domain from SerpNames…

My team and I will help you start your expired domain niche site and
provide all these services for free.

Whether the domain costs $500 or $5,000, it doesn’t matter. 

You’ll get everything you need to get started.

Why Am I Giving Away This For Free?

Great question. Well, after starting a niche website, a few percent of people might
want to outsource content too.

In that case, I'll pitch my Copy.Health blog copy service.

Currently, it only offers health content, but I plan to expand to other niches in the future.
Additionally, I’ll make profits from 1:1 consultations and premium domain sales.

Now you know my not-so-secret motive for providing these free services! :)

SerpNames is all about helping you learn about expired domains and build your niche website.
It’s true that I can’t guarantee you success, but I’ll provide you with the massive valu
that no one else offers.

So, if you need help with more things, you can always ask. Got it? Good.

Should You Really Go For My Service?

If you're wondering whether this service is for you or not... I want you to go through the below questions.

If the answer is "YES" for all of them... you're ready!


Are you looking for spam-free domains that offer faster rankings and traffic?


Are you passionate about building an expired domain niche site and willing to put in your 100% effort?


Are you looking for an expert (like me) to help you with everything because you’re not experienced?

How Does It Work?

It’s very simple. Just follow the five steps:

Step 1

Check the domain inventory and select one or more domains based on your interests and budget.

Step 2

Say hi to me at [email protected], or send a message through the contact form. I'll reply within 48 working hours.

Step 3

We'll discuss your chosen domains, website goals, and what you’re looking for. If I find it unrealistic, I'll let you know upfront.

Step 4

Once you decide on your domain, you'll buy it from inventory. After that, I'll help in transferring it to your account within 48 hours.

Step 5

Finally, based on our discussions, my team and I will launch your website in less than a week.

I Want to Check Domains

A Guarantee You Can’t Resist

You’ll get a 14 days money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

In case you don’t like my work, change your mind, or found a better deal somewhere else… It's alright.

You have 14 days, and I’ll refund your full payment.

If you’re not happy, I don’t deserve your hard-earned money. Period.

What Industry Experts Say About Me?

“Working with Sumit and SerpNames, we’ve been able to get lots of good domains.”

“Sumit is a trusted partner,
a driven-leader, and is someone
I constantly motivated by.”

“If you are looking for a trustworthy person for your business, give Sumit a try.”

“Sumit is very helfpul and he’s a great guy with a lot of knowledge and I trust him.

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