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We ONLY sell hand-picked auction domains with clean profiles, brandable names, and authoritative backlinks in the most sought-after niches.

Why Go For Auction Domains?

Fresh domain requires hefty investment and takes a lifetime before ranking on SERP. But with expired domain, you have…

Powerful link profile that can save you thousands of dollars on link building
Aged domains have existing trust and authority which Google loves a lot
Beat higher authority sites in the most profitable niches (i.e., Weight Loss, Gambling, Loan, etc.)
“SerpNames is one of the best Expired domain sellers I've ever come across.

Purchased 2 sites and got awesome results within the shortest period of time. They have an asset of domains with high quality backlinks from trusted sites to help you skyrocket your rankings.

Additionally, Sumit also takes care and provide you suggestion to help you in getting the most of your efforts. In fact, all of his suggestions made me possible in hitting $1K+ revenue in just 4th months! Interested in buying more sites... Highly Recommended!

Baber Siddiqui | Affiliate Marketer

What Results Can You Expect?

Most advanced SEOs don't share their ranking secrets but auction domains are one of them. Hard to digest? Look at these results achieved in such a short time using auction domains as money sites.

3 Ways To Use Our Premium Auction Domains

301 Redirection
Give your existing site a powerful boost in rankings by doing 301 redirects of one of our premium aged domains.
The Rebirth Technique
Build your money site on auction domain and beat high-authority sites with fast rankings (Our favourite!)
301 Rebranding
Migrate your old stuck website to a strong auction domain and skyrocket your rankings and traffic.

What Our Happy Clients Say About Us

“SerpNames have helped me secure some of the best domains I've ever gotten my hands on when it comes to raw linking power. Sumit and his team are experts at not only finding these domains but also thoroughly vetting them to make sure you're only getting the highest of quality.

Charles Floate | https://charlesfloate.com/
“Bought an expired domain from SerpNames a few months back. Had our first Amazon sale in a really short time frame and now seeing consistent growth in commission and traffic. (one of the keywords I'm ranking #2 for gets over 2,500 monthly searches) would 100% recommend to anyone looking for expired domains.

Chet James | https://collectiveinbound.com
“SerpNames is my go-to place for high quality expired domains that provide excellent results.

Tung Tran | https://www.cloudliving.com/
“I bought an expired domain from SerpNames amidst quite a lot of doubt. This was not only my first time buying an expired domain, but priced close to $800, it was quite a big investment.

Thankfully, Sumit was quick to respond to my queries and answered all questions. I bought the domain immediately after our conversation and today, I cannot be happier!

Almost all my low-med competition keywords are ranking on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pages without any backlinks at all. The authority of the domain is unbelievable and the results surpassed all my expectations.

I would definitely buy and recommend others to check out SerpNames. You’ll be glad that you did!

Big ups to Sumit for managing such an amazing service.”

Sudarshan Kar | https://www.writershark.com
Sumit and SerpNames have a surprisingly high quality of domains in their catalog. I was expecting to see mild results, but the first time I built a money site on one of their domains, it pretty much skipped the sandbox entirely, which made is so much easier to scale quickly. Sumit also gave me a lot of good advice about the best way to implement an auction domain into a money-site strategy, which was a huge bonus.

Dom Wells | onfolio.co
Never tried auctions domain before? Have little to no idea about its utmost potential? Wondering the right strategy to get huge success?

Book a one-on-one call with Sumit and ask any questions you like :)
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