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Meet The People Behind.

A small team of young minds.
Sumit Kumar Bansal

Sumit Kumar Bansal

Founder & CEO
(Also known as Boss Baby by the team)

Having founded SerpNames at just 16 years, Sumit is our hands-on expert on aged domains. A believer of go-giver, when not helping people, he can be found breaking iron in the gym. His ever-enthusiastic personality keeps the team’s energy high.

Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar

Chief Geek
(a.k.a Dr Fix)

A seasoned IT professional, Rahul is our team’s go-to person for all things tech. He never says no and can do difficult techy things with much ease. When not working, you’ll find him seeking more knowledge to satisfy his intellectual curiosity or playing with his adorable little daughter.

Sunita Sandhu

Sunita Sandhu

Sensei Copywriter

She brings ideas and then turns those ideas into words. A marketing professional cum copywriter, she has an eye for detail. When not working, she loves to go on walks and be one with nature. Other times she’s dreaming of travelling to far off places.

Vinay Narkar

Vinay Narkar

Client Happiness Manager

He bears the most important and difficult task of keeping all our clients happy by ensuring faster turnaround and quick-fixes to all their problems. Believer of "The Secret", Vinay likes to read, write poems and trek. If not doing any of that, he likes to listen to old songs or go for a long walk.

Mohammad Faiz

Mohammad Faiz

Domains Hunting Ninja

A self-confessed gadget freak, Faiz loves technology. But don’t mistake him for a regular geek, as he loves to bring fun to the table. He’s obsessed with learning new things related to SEO, tech & stocks. In his free time, he likes to party and spend time with his friends.

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